The IFCS Biennial Conference

The fifteenth biennial meeting of the Federation, IFCS 2017, will take place in Tokyo, Japan, from August 8-10, 2017.

Conference website:

Fourteen IFCS conferences have previously been held: at Aachen, Germany (1987), Charlottesville, USA (1989), Edinburgh, Scotland (1991), Paris, France (1993), Kobe, Japan (1996), Rome, Italy (1998), Namur, Belgium (2000), Cracow, Poland (2002), Chicago, Illinois (2004), Ljubljana, Slovenia (2006), Dresden, Germany (2009), Frankfurt, Germany (2011), Tilburg, The Netherlands (2013), and Bologna, Italy (2015).

IFCS Awards & Medals for IFCS 2017

Details, including application information, for awards related to IFCS 2017 is available at

Other Conferences and Meetings

Please see the events page for conferences and meetings that are being organized by member societies.

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