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   *     ​{{:​pdfs:​ifcs_constitution.pdf|The IFCS Constitution}} ​   *     ​{{:​pdfs:​ifcs_constitution.pdf|The IFCS Constitution}} ​
-  *     ​Directory of Member Society Contacts and IFCS Council members ​currently removed because of change in EU GDPR+  *     {{:​directoryifcsversion_june_2019_gdpr.xls|Directory of Member Society Contacts and IFCS Council members, 27 June 2019}} - note that this directory only shows information that was approved by the listed persons; "​NA"​ means that approval was not given.
   *     ​{{:​pdfs:​ifcs_by-laws.pdf|By-laws of the Council}}   *     ​{{:​pdfs:​ifcs_by-laws.pdf|By-laws of the Council}}
   *     ​{{:​pdfs:​ifcs_election_rules.pdf|Election rules}}   *     ​{{:​pdfs:​ifcs_election_rules.pdf|Election rules}}
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