Workshops will be held on August 7.

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Course #1: Latent class modeling: basics, extensions, and recent advances

  • Name of instructor: Prof. Daniel Oberski, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
  • Short description: Latent class (finite mixture) modeling (LCM) is used in a wide variety of disciplines, including computer science, biology, medicine, genetics, chemistry, sociology, psychology, marketing, and economics. LCM describes multivariate data as arising from unobserved ("latent", "hidden") categorical (discrete) variables, and allows the practictioner to recover descriptions of these hidden variables, in fer relationships among them, and interpret their meaning in terms of the observed data.

Course #2: Survey Analytics from Questionnaires and Textual Social Media Analytics.  With Accompanying Practical Sessions, examples and case studies in English and other languages.

  • Name of instructor:
    • 1. Prof. Fionn Murtagh,Big Data Lab, University of Derby; and Goldsmith University of London.
    • 2. Associate Professor Mohsen Farid,Big Data Lab, University of Derby.
  • Short description: The work of the celebrated social scientist Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) includes the thoughtful and creative use of Correspondence Analysis, published in English in 1984, with title Distinction.  It is on such a geometric data analysis approach that this course is based. 

Course #3: Predictive modeling in R

  • Name of instructor:Dr. Max Kuhn(RStudio Inc.)
  • Short description: This workshop will contain a short introduction to predictive modeling. It will briefly cover data preprocessing, performance estimation, and modeling. A simple example is used to demonstrate these topics. Moderate experience in R and regression modeling is required for the participants.