Scientific Program

The program outline is available via the following link. ProgramOutline20170626.html

The detailed program (tentative) is available via the following link. Tentative Program 2017/06/26

Invited Speakers

  • Professor Tomoyuki Higuchi (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan)
    Smart simulation and smart experimental design
  • Professor Christian Hennig (University College London, UK)
    Decisions that are needed when using cluster analysis,and research that helps with making them
  • Professor Marieke E. Timmerman (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
    Mixture modelling of multivariate and / or longitudinal data: Arriving at insightful representations
  • Professor Irini Moustaki (London School of Economics & Political Science, UK)
    An overview of hybrid latent variable models and how they can be used to address outliers, flexible distributions of latent variables and issues of data dimensionality
  • Associate Professor Cinzia Viroli (University of Bologna, Italy)
    Classification by Quantiles